Restorant Brazili


Who we are?

A 23 -year history to success , tradition and care ….
Restaurant Tijn Brazil began services in 1991. Return Albanian tradition of cooking and orientation towards maximum customer care and geographic location away from the noise corrosive and suffocating air of the city came to Brazil very soon become one of the most popular restaurants of the capital , with a rich menu of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine ....

Why we are?

All we please eat …
What is probably the main reason why we also please the cook and we serve ( serve ) .
We cook what she lands , our seas and forests offer ( secure ) and we do this using the accumulated experience of many, many hours in the kitchen and table .

What we do?

We are what we eat them …

Our Kitchen different kinds of food , especially meat products is our distinctive symbol of the best .

To us will have the opportunity to try the fresh meat that comes every day from higher areas of the country.
Also fresh fish and vegetables are all cultivated area and so bio .